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Cloud Computing is a marketing term that has sprung up over last few years, generally describing Software as a Service (SAS). These services come in many flavors: Internet Backups, Google Apps, Office 365, etc. In general, these services have the following in characteristics:

- Utilize the Internet for service delivery.
- Generally utilize WEB Browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) for access to applications.
- Provide varying levels of data storage capabilities.
- Provide some type of backup based on the offering.
- For the most part, support through Email.

In general, Cloud Computing is nothing more than a catchy euphemism describing Hosted Services.

Looking closely at existing cloud services, we started asking relevant questions to develop our competitive offering.

- Where exactly does customer data reside in the cloud?
- How is customer data protected, not only in transit but where stored?
- With the “quirks” of all WEB Browsers, how reliable is a browser as an end user interface?
- With the exception of Internet backup services, if data needs to be recovered, how long does a customer have to wait?
- Is there a better means of delivering computing services securely and reliably over the Internet?
- Can disaster recovery be performed in a timely manner?
- Can we give the same highly responsive support levels that CPS demands for its onsite integration services?

VirtualWave Cloud Computing Services addresses each of these potential issues, while providing Small Businesses with a comprehensive and cost effective solution to meet their Information Technology requirements. A service offered by CPS, Inc.